Website Repair and Upgrade Services

Keeping a website in perfect working order requires a lot of hard work and patience. That’s because the internet is a dynamic landscape, so there will always be new trends you need to keep up with. Unfortunately, not everybody has the luxury to dedicate that many resources to maintaining their website, especially if they are also trying to run a business. That’s where website maintenance companies like DevOpt step in. With our website support and maintenance services, we can essentially run your website for you, all the while implementing strategies that may enable it to attract even more visitors.

What is Website Maintenance?

You won’t get very far with a static website, regardless of how presentable it looks on a surface level. In order to keep yours operating in optimal conditions, you need to constantly monitor its performance, resolve technical issues when they arise, update your security, and post regular content that will keep your visitors engaged. Performing those tasks is what website maintenance generally boils down to. Think of your website as an investment, and to maximize your returns, you can’t afford to fall short on any one of those criteria.

Why Should You Hire a Website Maintenance Company?

A high-performing website demands a lot of attention as well as sufficient technical and social skills. This is certainly no easy task for any one person, so it is far more efficient to hire a team of IT and SEO specialists to do it for you instead. Just like the website design and maintenance team we have at DevOpt, these people need to have the skills necessary to meet the demands of your website and keep it afloat without sacrificing your own time and energy.

How Can DevOpt Help

MAINTAIN Your Website?

The wide scope of our website maintenance services list ensures that our clients are
getting the most consistently high performance they could possibly get from their website.
Here are some of the most notable factors we look into:

Nobody likes bugs in their hardware or software. Depending on which system is affected, a bug could range from a mild inconvenience to a serious threat that could crash your website. Our programmers make quick work squashing these bugs so your visitors can have a smooth experience exploring your website.
Fixing Broken Links
Often due to mismanagement or outdated content, an internal or external link on your website might redirect visitors to a 404 page. This is not a good use of a navigation tool on your website. The role of our website management services team is to find these broken links and remove them, or redirect users to an updated page.
Improving Loading Speed
A slow website is a deal-breaker for more people, and for good reason. Nobody has the patience to sit down and stare at a loading screen for a full minute. This is usually the fault of inefficient code or unoptimized resources. That’s easy to fix for our expert IT specialists.
Content Posting
If you want to sustain the engagement of your website, you have to populate it with enough content to satisfy their curiosity. However, this is not to say that you should just publish whatever content you want. Strategic content posting uses relevant keywords to help your web page rank higher in search results and high-quality writing to ensure that your visitors come back for more in the future.
Analyzing Website SEO Performance
Search Engine Optimization is a process that aims to elevate your ranking in search results so as to reach as many users as possible. We use highly-sophisticated data gathering tools to assess the SEO performance of your website so that we can develop new strategies to improve it.
Checking For Security Issues
No website is safe from malicious actors. To keep your website and the sensitive information it holds away from hackers and thieves, you will need to run security checks on your website at least monthly. That service is essential to a healthy website, and that is why it is included in our monthly website maintenance packages.
How Can DevOpt Help

IMPROVE Your Website Maintenance?

The attention of your target audience is what you will always be competing with on the internet. For that reason, it is in your best interest to upgrade your website whenever possible to keep your website fresh and interesting for returning visitors. Areas of the highest priority in web improvement are the following:

Website Navigation
Having a user-friendly interface is tantamount to increasing your website’s engagements. Your website should waste no time getting its message across and have a clear flow that will encourage visitors to keep exploring. Our design experts achieve this by strategically laying out the contents of a website and placing interactive UI elements in places where they are the most convenient for users without becoming too cluttered.
Effective Call-To-Action
A call-to-action or CTA is a common strategy in marketing to seal the deal with a lead after giving enough reasons why they should be interested in what you’re selling. Part of our ecommerce website management services strategy is to find the best place for CTAs to guarantee the best click-through rates.
Mobile Layout Optimization
Mobile phones are responsible for the majority of all website traffic worldwide, so it would be a huge waste of potential if you do not have a proper mobile layout for your website. That is precisely why our web developers put as much of their time into mastering the process of mobile development as with desktop development.
Positive comments can be used to build brand authenticity for a website in the form of testimonials. With their permission, we can collect the best reviews from your customers and post them on your website. Users are far more likely to do business with a company they can trust, and what better way to achieve that than with an honest review from another customer?
Internal Linking
Aside from having a coherent content layout, internal linking can also guide your visitors across the pages of your website. This also gives search engine web crawlers an idea of the structure of your website, and determine if it is relevant enough to rank higher on their search results.
URL Optimization
You are not doing yourself a favor with a URL that looks like a cat walked across your keyboard. It is unappealing and tells users nothing about that page. Optimized URLs can keep your links organized and informative. It is also generally preferred by search engines and users.
Why Is It Important to Do

Website Maintenance?

No website is perfect; at least, not forever. Just like an engine,
you need to “oil” it every now and then to make sure it is working the way it should. You also need it to adapt
to changes in the internet landscape which can happen at any given moment.

The best odds that a user clicks on a link to your website through organic search results is if it appears near the top of the page. Search engines also prefer ranking well-kept websites that are receiving updates frequently and are always producing high-quality content.
Customer Attraction/Engagement
The Web 2.0 environment we currently have on the internet encourages user engagement, so having an avenue that can allow visitors to communicate with web admins and one another has proven quite effective at building rapport between businesses and their clients.
No security measure is completely impenetrable, but as the saying goes, “locks are meant to keep out the honest”. If your website has sufficient security, small-time criminals won’t bother trying to hack it. The best way to keep your website secure is to check for vulnerabilities at least once a month.
Corporate Image
A website that is nice to look at and easy to navigate can make the company associated with it look authentic and trustworthy to those who visit it. For ecommerce websites, this means a higher likelihood that a customer will make a purchase. Small business website maintenance services can also come in handy when building a reputation for a fledgling company.
Regular Updates
You can post updates regarding your company hassle-free when you have a website that is in good condition. This ensures that your audience never misses out on new products, limited-time sales, and other kinds of promotions.
Keep up with Trends in Design and Technology
In the tech industry, there will always be new trends that companies can take advantage of to appeal to a general audience. Implementing new features to your website based on changes in your users’ preferences and behavior can keep them from flocking over to another website instead.

How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost?

The cost of website maintenance can vary greatly depending on the IT company you partner with, the size of your company, and the type of services you wish to acquire. It could range as low as $30 a month to more than $3000. This price includes the base website maintenance services fee and web hosting as well as annual payments such as domain name and SSL certificate renewal. DevOpt is committed to providing quality services for a price that small local businesses can afford. There is a detailed breakdown of our pricing structure available on our dedicated web development packages page.

Why Choose DevOpt as Your

Website Maintenance Company?

DevOpt is not your typical web development and maintenance company. We have plenty of experience working with clients from different industries all across the world and have consistently produced satisfying results for our clients. Our team can handle WordPress website maintenance and other content management systems. Give us a couple of months and we can take a poor-performing website and give it the touch-up it needs to get it back on its feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

The typical website maintenance services proposal includes performance tracking, regular content updates, debugging, technical adjustments, as well as security assessments.

To ensure that a website is always performing as efficiently as it possibly could, website maintenance should be done at least once every two weeks.

Website maintenance could cost you anywhere between $100 – more than $1000 a year for general upkeep and web hosting fees. This is dependent on the type of business you are running. E-commerce websites, for instance, will cost more to maintain compared to a blog website for a small business.

Yes! Because of how much time and resources it takes to run a website, it is generally much better for business owners to hire a website maintenance agency instead.

Websites that have become stagnant due to negligence or are in a state of disrepair do not fare well in organic search results, much less in user engagement. In order to stay in a competitive spot, your website needs to receive updates, repairs, and upgrades every now and then.

Need a Website Maintained?

You’re only a few steps away from having your website refurbished and maintained by a team of high-qualified web development and SEO specialists. Send us a message today and we’ll see how we can help you. If you are not ready to commit, we will gladly offer you our consultation instead!