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All businesses need to foster strong connections with their audience and actively seek ways to expand their reach. This can be done with effective communication. People are naturally more inclined to support businesses that not only give them quality products and services but are also transparent with any changes that may affect them as consumers. Businesses communicate through various means, which include posting on their social media accounts, blogging, and sending newsletters. However, those means may not be suitable for announcements of greater importance. In such cases, issuing a well-written formal press release can prove to be a great solution.

What Is A Press Release Article?

Press releases, or PR articles, are formally written pieces of content that are distributed to different media outlets to announce something significant to the company. To avoid confusion when asking “what does PR mean”, it should not be confused with public relations, which also uses the “PR” abbreviation, but refers to the general practice of communicating as a business to a broad audience. PR content can be used to announce new products or services, upcoming events, changes to the management of the company, or just general news that a company wants its audience to know.

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How Do You Use Press Releases To Communicate With Your Audience?

As previously mentioned, what sets PR articles apart from other types of content that a company usually publishes on-site or off-site is that they are written in a formal style, similar to what you would read on the front page of the newspaper. This is important because it articulates a message to the readers without having to beat around the bush, thus making it look more professional and easier to read than a thousand-word-long blog post.

Promoting New Products
When a company launches a new product or expands its services, it typically announces it to the world by issuing a press release to as many media outlets as possible. The purpose of this is to let as many people as possible know so they can build momentum or “hype” for the product or service before it is released. Since reach is the most important aspect, SEO for PR articles like these comes in handy - more on that later.
Announcing Events
Similar to product announcements and promotions, events are also newsworthy information that companies will announce through press releases. They are also created to disseminate news to a much larger audience to drum up hype for the event. One such example of this is when a company announces a sale on their e-commerce platforms with a press release so that people who don’t frequent their websites are still informed about the event.
Improving Transparency
Sometimes a company would be compelled to issue a formal statement regarding a specific matter, such as clearing up miscommunication or addressing the concerns of its core audience. A press release would then be issued to make sure that the message of the company is clear and concise, leaving as little room as possible for misinterpretation. This improves their transparency to their customers and fosters trust between them.
Giving Financial Updates
Announcing financial updates, such as quarterly or yearly earnings to the public is something that can be done best by issuing press releases due to the many regulations that prevent companies from posting misleading or vague information. This information is relevant to investors, stakeholders, and financial analysts in their decision-making. It can also be used to announce a change in management, such as a new CEO or senior staff, and even mergers and acquisitions.

Using SEO For PR Articles

Although PR articles are meant to be a more formal means of communication, that doesn’t mean we can’t apply search engine optimization or SEO for news articles to improve their visibility and performance in search rankings. A skilled writer can combine writing techniques in SEO and PR to create content that maximizes its potential reach while also providing relevant information to readers. This practice is core to our SEO PR Strategy here at DevOpt.

Our Press Release Writing Services

DevOpt offers expert content writing for SEO PR to small and large businesses alike in the Philippines as part of our online marketing services.

Professional Content Writing
At our Philippine SEO PR company, we boast a team of highly skilled and proficient writers who possess expertise in the English language. Utilizing advanced tools and techniques in addition to traditional word processing software, we create press releases that are on par with the best in the industry and stand out from the rest.
Search Engine Optimization
Given the importance of the information contained in press releases, they must reach the widest possible audience. To achieve this, we employ a variety of SEO techniques to enhance the visibility of the press release when it is distributed. However, we still take careful measures to maintain the integrity of the press release by avoiding any practices that may compromise the accuracy and clarity of the information provided.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Publishing written content on a well-known news website is one of the best ways to communicate with your audience as a company. When it is to announce something important, a press release article is most likely the correct choice.

The most important thing to remember when writing PR content is to be clear and accurate with the information that you provide. The less vague a PR article is, the more positively it is generally received. It also helps to use some SEO techniques to make sure that it reaches the most number of people.

Promoting a new product is a common way of using PR writing. It can also be used to announce changes in the management of a company, such as when a new CEO is appointed or it is merging with or acquiring another company.

In PR writing, using a formal style similar to how news is written in journalistic writing. The article must go straight to the point and provide an adequate amount of information. For the same reason, they are usually presented as black text on white background.

At the end of the day, what determines the success of pr writing is the substance that they have to work with. It must be made clear to the reader what the pr article is about and why it matters to them.

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