First let us define what is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short) are practices used by experts to boost and improve web page placement of websites during organic search results. To put it simply, they are ways to help boost a website’s overall popularity or search engine scores which can lead to them being shown more frequently when certain keywords are used when searching on the internet. With the increased search result frequency, traffic to their site will also greatly increase thus creating more revenue opportunities with their clients.Now what is a SEO Expert in the Philippines? Sometimes called SEO Specialists or Consultants, they are people who help meticulously sculpt websites to further boost their search engine score so that the website will show more often when people look for their type of services or products on the internet. They achieve this by analyzing various evolving trends in today’s world, extract vital keywords used by the general populations, and implement them on websites to help keep them relevant when being searched. This is particularly vital since an SEO in the Philippines can help your business reach more people and can get you more attention and customers than other companies with similar products or services.

What Are The Common Tasks For SEO Specialists?

SEO includes a plethora of tasks that need to be done in order to help boost a website’s overall visibility on the internet, but what exactly do SEO experts do? Here are some of the more common tasks that they do on a regular basis.

On Page Optimization

This refers to the tactics used by SEO Specialists to restructure elements of a website to further increase their search engine score and visibility. This includes different processes that collaboratively optimizes the website as a whole to help boost its visibility when searched for in the internet.

Technical SEO Optimization

This is all about the technical aspects of the website you have. Having the website be easier to crawl, faster, and more understandable by search engines which can lead to a better search engine score and will lead to greater traffic for your website.

Keyword Research and Ranking

This is when a SEO web marketing expert will research the top trends in the time, extract the top keywords used and rank them based on top search result turnouts and frequency of use. The SEO expert will then implement changes of keywords as necessary to boost the overall search engine score of a website and make it more relevant.

Content Optimization

This is the process where the relevant keywords, meta descriptions, links, headers, sub-headers, title tags, call-to-actions, and many more factors come together to ensure that the content written and published is built to reach the largest audience possible.

Link Building

This is a practice used by SEO expert consultants wherein they use one-way hyperlinks (also known as backlinks) to a website with the purpose of increasing visibility on search engines. They achieve this by using marketing strategies like content marketing, email outreach, building useful tools, and many more.

Competitor Analysis

This is the process where a SEO specialist will scout out and analyze competitive businesses, compare products and services, list down how your products or services are different from that of your competitors, and point out how your product or service is better.

Social Media Management

Managing a successful social media website is also an important task for an SEO specialist because it has the highest potential of attracting a larger audience outside of organic search engine results. With millions of daily users in the country alone, it would be a serious waste of opportunity if an SEO company in the Philippines does not establish a business page in those platforms for their clients.

Goal Tracking

SEO specialists need to track the progress of their client’s website to check whether or not they are reaching the target numbers and goals they have set during the planning phase. This lets them know if their strategies are working, or if they need to look for additional avenues to improve.

SEO Report

It is important for SEO specialists to be transparent to clients through monthly or weekly reports to let them know how much progress is being made in their website. They will be given a detailed and easy-to-read report on the current analytics of the website and what goals they have already accomplished.

What Are The Best SEO Tools That SEO Experts Used?

A craftsman wouldn’t be without their tools, and similarly, an SEO expert would be able to do the things they do without the best digital marketing tools at their disposal. There are plenty of tools available for online marketing, but a select few stand out for their reliability and accuracy in presenting data. SEO experts need these tools to do research on their client’s market and gather critical information that will determine the direction of their strategies. We’ve enumerated these tools below along with their common uses.


Ahrefs is a definitive digital marketing and SEO tool that is used by many businesses and individuals to improve their search engine ranking. The tool provides users with a variety of features, including keyword research, link building, and competitor analysis. Ahrefs is a powerful tool that gives SEO specialists accurate data sets that they can use to generate more traffic for their client’s website.


SEMrush is another tool used for digital marketing and SEO. It is also used for keyword research and content marketing. It collects data from search engines such as Google and Bing and ranks them in order of search volume and keyword difficulty. These data can be used to optimize existing and future content on a website for better SEO performance..

Screaming Frog

Screaming frog is an audit and website diagnostic tool used to measure a website’s SEO performance with its advanced web crawler. It can produce a detailed report on any errors or potential issues like broken links, duplicate pages, and keyword cannibalization that may be crippling a website’s performance.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a web service that webmasters can use to see if their websites are being indexed by Google and are appearing in search queries. It is a useful and reliable tool that SEO specialists frequently use to check for problems in the website’s visibility.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can track the amount of organic traffic that a website or app receives over a given amount of time. It can also track social networks and measure the performance of marketing campaigns. Although it serves a similar function as many others in this list, the data obtained from a web service and search engine like Google is always valuable.

Google Data Studio

Raw data needs to be processed and visualized before it can actually be of use to SEO specialists and their clients. Google Data Studio is a handy tool that can create engaging and informative reports that can help stakeholders better understand analytics.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO can analyze web content or articles in order to determine its expected performance compared to similar content from competing websites. It also provides useful suggestions for content optimization in order to maximize their potential to outperform other websites in the search rankings.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public by Ubersuggest is a content marketing tool that collects search data from Google that is then processed and visualized into a consumer insight graph. This tool is very useful when generating ideas for blogs and other webcontent.


SEOQuake is a browser plugin that is also used for analytics and SEO auditing. The big difference between this tool and others that were mentioned in this blog is that it is free, making it a perfect fit with affordable seo experts that are willing to offer their services at a lower rate than the industry average.

How To Find The Right SEO Company In The Philippines?

To answer the question on how to pick a good SEO company to help boost your website’s visibility and organic traffic, there are several indicators to keep in mind. First, make sure that the company has ample experience in the field and has worked with a variety of industries before. It can be very difficult to work with an SEO company that has very little experience with your industry, or at least, cannot afford the time to research it. Second, it is important that the company uses white hat practices that will jeopardize the authenticity of your own brand in the eyes of your customer and the algorithms that run the search engine. Third, the company must maintain a reasonable level of transparency with their work and their pricing. It may be tempting to pick a company that offers ridiculously cheap prices, but that often comes at the cost of lower productivity and limited tools.

What Are The Signs It’s Time to Hire an SEO Expert

Establishing a strong online presence is invaluable to any business regardless of size. However, relying on paid advertisements alone can be expensive, and it does not always guarantee a good conversion rate. If you are not satisfied with the current performance of your website, but don’t have the budget to continuously pay for advertisements, then hiring an affordable SEO expert is the best course of action you could take.

When you don’t know how to strategize

Online marketing is vastly different from traditional marketing because there’s plenty of technical elements behind the scenes that you need to consider. As such, it demands a different set of skills that you may not have the time to develop. To be a technical SEO expert is to be proficient in these skills and be capable of strategizing solutions to help give your website the attention it deserves.

When you have a tight budget

As previously mentioned, online advertisements can be expensive, especially if you are only running a small local business. Because of that, generating your online traffic organically means cutting costs and seeing consistent growth in the long term, which is precisely the main advantage of hiring an SEO expert.

When you want to add flexibility

Even if you have skills to develop a website, there’s only so much you could do while running your business. By hiring an SEO expert, you could alleviate most if not all of the mental burden of designing and running a website so you could focus more on different aspects of your business.

When everything’s right… except for the SEO

You can have the perfect website that excels in both function and form, every page populated with enough content to keep your visitors scrolling through it for several minutes, but without the proper SEO strategies in place, you would likely struggle to get a decent amount of traffic – if any at all.

How To Know If You Hire An Expert SEO for Your Business?

So you already know how to find an SEO expert, but you’re not exactly sure if you made the right choice. Thankfully, there’s more than a few ways to verify their skills.

Solid Years of Experience

Look for an SEO expert with at least a couple of years worth of experience under their belt working with all sorts of clients from different industries. If you hire an SEO agency, ask if you could look at the qualifications of each of their team members to make sure that they’re mentally equipped for the job.

Willingness to Change

Not every strategy is going to work out the first time, and it can be frustrating even for the most experienced SEO expert out there when the work they put in doesn’t achieve the desirable results. With this in mind, it is important to choose an SEO expert that knows when to step back and reevaluate their strategies instead of wasting time bashing their head against the wall.


The internet is a rapidly changing landscape day by day, so your SEO expert best be prepared to adapt whenever possible. This means keeping up with the latest trends in the industry to make sure the strategies they use are always ahead of the curve.


Such as there are different skill sets involved in SEO, there are also different tasks that need to be done that may occasionally overlap with one another. Being able to juggle all these tasks at once with a clear and collected mind is a skill that sets apart the amateurs from the true experts.

Organizational skills

Alongside multitasking skills, an SEO expert also needs to have good organizational skills so that they can work more efficiently. By keeping the data and contents nice and readable, it will be easier to keep track of progress and find the areas that need improving.

With Proven Track Record of SEO Success

Although it is true that failure and mistakes are valuable teachers, you should still try to look for an SEO expert with at least a couple of successes that can vouch for their abilities. There’s no such thing as a perfect SEO company, but there is such a thing as a competent one. Success can often show which strategies work best which can help them provide even better services to their future clients.

Capability to Fit in With Your Company’s Culture

Being part of a team is more than just delivering contributions, it also matters how well that person can get along with other people in your company to make sure everything is working smoothly. Such an SEO expert is hard to come by, but they will make for incredibly valuable assets to your company.

Excellent communication skills (Oral and Written)

Great ideas can only get one so far without the appropriate abilities to express and articulate them. Being good at communicating not just matters concerning their work but also with other people in the company is a skill that all successful SEO experts possess. 


It’s also important for an SEO expert to think outside the box and try to find creative ways to solve problems. To do this, they need curiosity to seek out different avenues that may help them achieve better results. As long as it doesn’t come with any significant capital costs, a little bit of experimentation doesn’t hurt anyone. 


Finally, one of the most important qualities of a professional SEO expert is being transparent. They must be able to give a clear and concise report on the progress of your website in a timely manner. No sugarcoating; say it how it is. At the end of the day, data is important whether positive or negative.

Why Hire An SEO Agency in The Philippines?

There are many reasons why you should consider hiring an SEO expert from the Philippines. They’re generally kind-hearted people who have a strong sense of responsibility. We’ve listed some more benefits below that you may be interested in.

Philippines is an English-Speaking Nation

English is the official second language of the Philippines next to Filipino. It is taught from preschool to tertiary education, and is the standard language they use in professional settings. For that reason, the average Filipino is much more proficient in the language than most of their ASEAN neighbors. If you are looking for good english-speakers in the region, they’re the top picks.

Fast Learner

Filipinos are naturally gifted learners which is why they can often be found as immigrant workers in different countries for all sorts of industries. This is also true in the field of online marketing, which is one of the most popular choices when it comes to online freelance work.

Reasonable Price

The average rate of a Filipino SEO expert is vastly different from their first-world counterparts even though they achieve very similar results. Operational costs are simply much cheaper in the country than in the west, so they can afford to lower their prices and still stay competitive.


If you’re looking for committed workers, then look no further. Filipinos are used to working long hours a day to finish their work, so you can expect your results to arrive early as well. It’s also not uncommon for them to go above and beyond what it is typically being asked from them just to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Skilled and Professional

There are plenty of examples of Filipinos with world-class academic and professional performance, and that goes for the SEO experts in the country as well. Most of the people working in this industry are degree-holders that have undergone on-the-job training before becoming freelancers. 

Leverage Industry Expertise

By leveraging their industry expertise, SEO experts from the Philippines can produce results at a faster rate for lower operational costs. This allows them to complete multiple tasks over the course of a couple of weeks, which is ideal if you are looking for immediate results.

Maintain Your Top Ranking

SEO is a long-term online marketing strategy so it doesn’t have a definite end. In order to maintain a high ranking in the search results, a website must post content on their website and on affiliated websites through guest posting. Filipinos are hard-working people, so you won’t need to worry about achieving these goals regularly.

Saves You Time

The ultimate purpose of hiring an SEO expert is to save the time and effort that running a website demands so you can focus on your business instead. From propelling your website to the top of the ranks to expert WordPress SEO solutions, you can put your trust in a Filipino SEO expert to do the work for you, and do it well.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A SEO Agency in The Philippines?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how much it costs to hire a SEO agency in the Philippines. The rate will vary depending on the size and scope of the project, as well as the agency’s experience and reputation. In some cases, a freelancer might charge extra compared to a company because they would have to manage more things at once. SEO services also usually come in packages which can cost more the higher tier you avail. However, as a general guide, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $1,000 per month for SEO services in the Philippines. To avoid incurring unexpected costs, you should consult with your SEO agency and determine what specific services you want from them.

Why Choose DevOpt Web Development Services To SEO Your Website?

Our dedicated SEO team in DevOpt Web Development Services has years worth of collective online marketing experience and professional tools that we can use in order to help your website soar in the search rankings. Our strategies have boosted other websites from different companies in the past, and we are confident that we can do the same for yours. With our SEO experts behind the wheel, we guarantee that your website will be seeing positive results in no time. Contact us today and we can get started immediately!

Frequently Asked Question

Is Hiring An SEO Company In The Philippines Worth It?

The Philippines is a great place to look for an SEO company because they offer their services at a much lower rate than companies in the US or other first-world countries while still delivering great results.

Where Can I Get Seo Experts?

SEO is a service that most online marketing agencies and freelancers offer. Their contact information can usually be found in their websites and/or their business listing on various freelancing platforms.

When Should I Hire An SEO Agency?

The best time to hire an SEO agency is the moment you launch your website. It is a long term commitment that promises consistent organic traffic for your website without having to spend a fortune on paid advertisements.

Why Is Hiring An SEO Agency Important?

In order to rank high in organic search results, you need to have the right strategies in place. SEO services come bundled with all the necessary tools you need to outperform your competitors, and you wouldn’t have to spend too much time doing it yourself either.

How Do I Hire A SEO Expert In The Philippines?

Filipino SEO experts are rather easy to find on the internet. To verify their legitimacy, you should look at their resumes first. They should at least have a degree in sales, information technology, communication, or computer science to have the right knowledge in SEO. If not, then you can look at their portfolio, or look at the websites they have worked on.